Internal Soundtrack

Jesu is probably playing into my ears at one point in the day, every day. Peep this sweet fan-made video for "Dead Eyes." Inspiration?



Still Updating...

Be on the look out for some new scans from the sketchbook. I'm also hard at work on a watercolor piece based off of the great King Crimson's 1969 classic, "In The Court of The Crimson King" which I'll be sure to upload upon completion.


Website still being tweaked...

Banner is probably going to change as well as other things BUUUUUUT here's a look at that Lovecraftian piece I mentioned:


New stuff soon...

Busy with the school workload as of late. I recently did a cover design for my favorite HP Lovecraft tale "At The Mountains of Madness" and I'm really excited about how it turned out. It'll rear it's head here in the coming days along with some more recent doodles from the ol' sketchbook.

Also, if you're into droning, beautifully stark soundscapes that are perfectly chilly in their atmosphere for the upcoming onslaught of winter weather, I highly reccomend you check out the Pyramids with Nadja collaboration recently released by Hydra Head Records. It's beautiful sounding stuff.



First entry in a long line of them. Still tinkering around with the site, busy as always with artwork (of which will see the light of day here soon) and being completely addicted to sludge band Harvey Milk's discography as of late.

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