Like many young men, I grew up loving anything having to do with superheroes, scary creatures, weird places, cartoons, animals and any number of combinations therein. I’ve always been influenced by the work of Frank Frazetta, Joseph Clement Coll, Gustav Dore and comic greats like Tim Kirby, Bill Watterson, Mike Mignola and Tim Sale. But I'm also constantly drawing inspiration from a countless slew of contemporary artists on a day to day basis. Not surprisingly, my artwork can consist of a larger variety of subject matter but what I really love making is fantastical, cartoony imagery combined with tongue-in-cheek humor.
     Since I work mostly traditionally, I take pride in having a strong work ethic and giving myself time to brainstorm things out and bounce ideas off of others. Trying different combinations of materials is something that I feel is important in creating a unique image. I’m extremely laidback and easy to work with meaning the process of taking into consideration other’s suggestions about my work is something I look forward to, as it will help me create the best piece I can while simultaneously meeting the client’s highest expectations.


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Nate Burns



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